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Workshops for teachers, Early Childhood Educators, caregivers and parents!


 Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Outside The Box Educator Workshops focuses on providing professional  development opportunities to educators, teachers, parents, & caregivers. Our workshops are in-person, hands on and interactive! We travel across Ontario to teach the importance of specific topics such as music and movement, sensory play &  loose parts in early childhood. We focus on providing materials to inspire and motivate educators in the classroom.

Why are our workshops awesome?
These aren't your typical workshops! Every workshop offers hands-on interactive discussions, videos, and time to explore materials. Our workshops provide real-life examples of materials used in the classroom. You will leave feeling inspired with a new understanding of each topic. Participants get to explore tangible items and understand the importance of hands-on learning for children.

Our make & take workshops offer creative items for participants to create and take with them to use in their classroom! We create beautiful items such as felt board stories,  knitting tools, board games,marble runs, story stones and outdoor materials.

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Hands-on,interactive workshops


From sensory bins to loose parts, our workshops offer a different approach to teaching in early childhood. Gain an understanding of how children learn, and explore items with your own eyes! 

We also offer "Make & Take" workshops, which include creating resources for the audience to take home! These resources could include felt board stories, puppets, school age games, story stones and much more!

The presenters


All our workshop presenters are passionate, dedicated educators, with a qualified background in early childhood education and teaching.
Our presenters will keep you interested! 

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