Founder and Presenter


Jaclynn Kennedy

Jaclynn Kennedy has been a Registered Early Childhood Educator since 2009. She has been working with children up to age 12 and has always been passionate about supporting every unique learning style. Jaclynn has worked in full day kindergarten setting, in an extended day program, as a nanny, and has experience working in a Headstart program. Through these experiences, she has learned many skills, and creative ways to help children reach their full potential. 

Jaclynn is well known for her creative sensory bins, messy science experiments, catchy circle-time songs, playful felt board stories and loose part innovation. 

She believes children learn best through tactile, open ended activities and experiences.

She believes in hands-on learning and isn't afraid of breaking a nail. You will often find her teaching about snails, caterpillars and the praying mantis.

In 2016, she began facilitating and presenting workshops to help inspire other educators. Her outside the box thinking and great sense of humor make her workshops unique, entertaining and full of fresh ideas.

Jaclynn is well known for her inspiring circle time workshops, inventive sensory play workshops and uplifting lessons about loose parts play!