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March 3rd, 2018- I love loose parts workshop

What did you like about this workshop?: "Very Inspiring! I like that the loose parts items were affordable. The workshop covered all the bases- info sharing & playing with loose parts and where to get items. " -anonymous  

April 21st 2018- I love loose parts

"Thank you for two amazing seminars today. I feel like my circle on Monday will be much stronger. I'm always looking for ways to make things, and offer more child led activities. I just graduated from ECE, and you covered Loose Parts better than some of my profs did. You were easy to hear, and the powerpoint made it easy to follow."

April 21, 2018-  I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop. The ladies I went with all agreed this workshop should be mandatory for all ECEs. It opens your eyes into a different way of thinking. #1 workshop!" Christine R.

" Excellent workshops. I feel both should be mandatory for all ECEs. Opened my mind in how I present my circle to my toddlers. Also made me look at the objects that picture come into contact every day and how I can use them for loose parts. Jacky is an amazing presenter. Can’t wait to do my next workshop with her. " -Christine R

May 1st 2018 " Jaclynn is professional, has many great ideas and offers alternative methods and material suggestions for an ever changing environment to requires TONS of flexibility " -Kim C


Sept 24,2018: "Jacky's passion for children is seen through her ideas, advice, resources and knowledge!

Before attending the workshops, my preschoolers didn't 'play' (they would just run around in the classroom and be destructive). Using the new information, resources and advice I received from Jacky, my preschoolers now focus on centers and play for longer periods of time. They run less and are less destructive!

Thank you Jacky! I cannot wait to attend more of your workshops!"- Laura L.

March 3rd,2018- Creating an engaging circle workshop

"The felt stories are great! They are not in my usual set. I wouldn't have made them on my own. I loved it. It was my first time; I will come to more for sure!" -anonymous, Ottawa, On.

March 3rd, 2018

  "Thank you Jaclynn Kennedy for the inspiring workshop today on loose parts. It was fun to enjoy some playtime with loose parts and experience it as the children in our care would.  The videos and slide show were amazing to see and gave me a great insight into how loose parts are beneficial to children growth and development. I was also one of the winners of your loose parts prize bags!! Yay me!!  Keep up the great workshops and I will be waiting patiently to attend another one!"- Angela P. Ottawa, On.

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April 4th 2018

"I love your workshops,and want to thank you personally for all that you do to organize them and give many great workshops in regards to circle time, loose parts, etc. All that you do is very much appreciated! You for sure deserve many sweet compliments because you're going above and beyond for all of us and I can definitely say I am so grateful for all the effort and dedication you put in for our professional development! "- Ashley D (Ottawa,On)